Why is Nature's Pearl the Premium Muscadine Company in the World?

The secret is out about muscadine grapes.
Science continues to study over 100 antioxidants found in the hardy purple and bronze grapes, 
while new supplement companies spring up across the country.

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10 Reasons Why Nature's Pearl Leads the Muscadine Industry:

  1. Nature's Pearl is the only muscadine company in the world, which has funded human clinical trials on its products.[i] We don't just speculate how our product will affect the human body. We test it.
  2. Nature's Pearl employs a full-time scientist to research our products and administer the highest quality control standards to each batch of muscadine grape seed.
  3. Nature's Pearl laboratory and warehouse is a 120,000 square-foot facility with state of the art equipment and storage facilities, inspected and certified under FDA 21 CFR 111. Has your supplement company been inspected by the FDA?
  4. Nature's Pearl validates the quality of all grapes shipped from growers across the southeastern United States, to ensure the highest nutritional content in each batch of muscadines. We also test through independent laboratories to certify that every capsule meets our rigorous standards.
  5. Nature's Pearl throws away all muscadines which do not meet our rigorous standards of excellence. In 2009, we threw away over 200,000 pounds of muscadines. You may not know what is in other supplements. We know what's in ours.
  6. Nature's Pearl Muscadine 20 Antioxidant Skin Care products are 100% Toxic Free with high levels of muscadine grape extract in each bottle.
  7. Nature's Pearl was founded by Jerry W. Smith,who also began Le Bleu Corporation in 1990. Le Bleu manufactures and distributes Ultra Pure bottled water and five-gallon coolers for residential and commercial use (www.lebleu.com).
  8. Nature's Pearl uses proven business practices to manufacture and distribute health and wellness products which improve the lives of our customers every day.
  9. Nature's Pearl online shopping is secure, reliable and dependable. We respond immediately to our customers. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and Chambers of Commerce.
  10. Nature's Pearl operates by the motto: "Helping People Help Others."